Our research initiatives and services have generated a broad range of knowledge and given us new insights into how to make justice work in a globalising society.

HiiL has published, or contributed, to a wide range of printed books about justice innovation, rule of law, internationalisation and globalisation.
HiiL has prepared Data and Impact Reports.
HiiL's Trend Reports enable strategic decision makers in the justice sector to compare their current performance, strategies and approaches to worldwide trends.

Each Country Quick Scan provides a brief overview of the status of rule of law.

Law scenarios are designed to make justice challenges more specific, more explicit and place them in a more systemic context. 

The Hague Rule of Law journals are specialised electronic documents, part supported by HiiL, providing material for academic research and study.
HiiL in the media
Online Publications are a variety of presentations, working papers and miscellaneous reports that HiiL has produced since its foundation.

A selection of the videos that HiiL has been involved in.

We are eager to share what we have learned with professionals, academia, the media and the general public.