Justice Needs and Satisfaction in The Hague


Municipality of The Hague




The Netherlands

Person in charge

Tim Verheij

In 2019, the municipality of The Hague pledged to prioritise user-friendly justice for its citizens by understanding their justice problems. For example, what problems occur most often among and between residents of The Hague? Are these issues being addressed and if not, why? To answer these questions among others, The Hague Municipality partnered with HiiL to identify ways for improving accountability and responsiveness towards the justice needs and challenges in the international city of peace and justice. 

As elsewhere in the world, residents of The Hague encounter obstacles in their search for just outcomes. Families need legal help when relationships are disrupted by divorce, violence, or unforeseen events. Neighbours need mediation when conflict arises. And workers seek legal assistance if they are exploited by their employer.

“When legal action is taken, it is important that legal problems get resolved in an accessible, understandable, and affordable way — in which good outcomes for people are central.” — Tim Verheij, Justice Sector Advisor

HiiL sought to identify and investigate these most common justice problems in The Hague and to understand if justice providers could realise relevant solutions for the people. To measure this “justice gap”, HiiL conducted a Justice Needs and Satisfaction (JNS) Survey. 

A report for this project based on information from the survey shares our findings and provides data for HiiL and the municipality to determine together how best to strengthen “user-friendly justice.”