Living Wage Innovation Challenge

Living Wage Innovation Challenge

Around the world, legal systems, legal professionals and social entrepreneurs are challenged to deliver more justice, to more people, with fewer resources. Innovations arising in the ready-made garment industry are helping global supply chains with the increased pressure to provide stable and fair conditions to workers. We need more innovators who are up to the task and we need to learn how to work with them to strengthen our effectiveness, impact and return on investment.

In 2014, The C&A Foundation and the Innovating Justice Accelerator organised the Living Wage Innovation Challenge. Individuals and organisations could gain global recognition and support for their innovations. The C&A Foundation granted a €100,000 investment budget to make the top submissions more impactful, more suitable to the garment industry and more financially sustainable.
The winners were announced during the Innovating Justice Forum in The Hague, Netherlands on 26th November 2014.

Read more about the Living Wage Innovation Challenge here.

Project details

Project leader: Henk Jan Scholten
Duration: 2014