Justice Needs & Satisfaction in Uganda

Justice Needs & Satisfaction in Uganda

HiiL has developed the Justice Needs and Satisfaction tool (JNS) which provides data about the justice needs of citizens and data on the quality of their justice journeys. In 2015, HiiL and The Hague Institute for Global Justice partnered to apply the JNS tool in Uganda in a project co-funded by the Swedish Embassy in Uganda (SIDA) and The Hague Institute for Global Justice.

The Justice Needs and Satisfaction study in Uganda provides data on the justice needs of citizens and the level of quality of the justice journeys or the lack thereof. The project started in 2015 and provides justice delivery actors – from the formal and the informal system – with effective ways to improve their justice strategies around the areas where Uganda’s citizens feel the most need. This project reinforces a bottom-up approach and knowledge to the supply and the demand of justice.

The main goal of the project is to collect, analyze and present to the Ugandan stakeholders, the data about Justice Needs and Satisfaction. The research findings will map the justice needs, and transform the knowledge gathered into actions, interventions and policies that represent the justice needs, and will deliver increasing and fair justice to Ugandan citizens. Justice innovations can then be initiated to find solutions to the justice problems. HiiL has been working on this project together with ACORD (Agency for Research & Development) Uganda.

Project details

Project leader: Johanna Piest
Project partner: ACORD (Agency for Research & Development) Uganda
Duration: 2015-2016