"Maybe the best legal advice website in the world"

"Maybe the best legal advice website in the world"

International praise for Rechtwijzer "stunning"

According to Roger Smith, the Dutch Rechtwijzer might just be the best legal advice website in the world.

Rechtwijzer is a Justice Innovation Lab product which was developed in partnership for the Dutch Legal Aid Board.

Many of our clients feel the need to improve a procedure, a cluster of rules, a service or a work process. Rough ideas have to be turned into concrete results. Getting ready for scaling up is the next challenge.

HiiL's Justice Innovation Lab is a physical location where people can gather to look at how things work, get experience from each other, brainstorm and leave the lab with improvements. Improvements lead to innovations. Innovations lead to people having a better time with the various resolution systems they encounter - less stress, less expense, more justice...

Read Roger's Smith's blog at www.rogersmith.info