Measuring Justice

  • Unchaining Access to Justice: The Potential of Blockchain

    Unchaining Access to Justice: The Potential of Blockchain 14 November 2017

    By Dr. Martin Gramatikov, Senior Justice Sector Advisor
    and Georgi Chisuse, Scalator

    Cryptocurrencies, and its underlying blockchain technology, are everywhere today. Bitcoin’s revolutionary breakthrough provoked intensive research into the potential adoption of backend technology into a multitude of fields. Essentially, blockchain is a secure digital ledger which can record almost anything which has value – coins and financial transactions, ID documents and ownership titles, votes and shares, property and contractual rights, positive and negative reviews. It is clear that blockchain technology will transform and probably disrupt many areas of the law in the months and years to come.

  • Employment Justice Workshop Tunisia

    Employment Justice Workshop Tunisia 06 November 2017

    By Nadja Kernchen, Research Assistant

    In an attempt to evolve data to action, HiiL has conducted a workshop in Tunis to formulate an action plan around designing smart employment contracts and innovative dispute resolution mechanisms around employment justice. The workshop was part of a larger project concerning the Justice Needs of the Tunisian people, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Jordan Justice Report October 2017

    Jordan Justice Report October 2017 23 October 2017

    By Rachel Meagher, Communications Intern

    Over 6000 Jordanians have been surveyed for crucial data on their experience of the Jordan justice system. HiiL’s latest report includes key findings on the state of justice in Jordan, as well as 600 Syrian refugees’ experiences and expectations of justice too.

  • Bangladesh: How Measuring Justice Can Help

    Bangladesh: How Measuring Justice Can Help 31 August 2017

    By Dr. Martin Gramatikov, Head of Measuring Justice

    Bangladesh is a small, developing country in South Asia located between India and the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. More than 150 million people co-exist in a picturesque piece of land where the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Megha Rivers flow into the Bay of Bengal

  • Data Triangulation Workshop in Amman, Jordan

    Data Triangulation Workshop in Amman, Jordan 26 July 2017

    By Dr. Rodrigo Nunez, Justice Sector Advisor

    On Saturday July 8th, Martin Gramatikov, head of Measuring Justice, and Roger El Khoury, HiiL representative in the Arab countries and Senior Justice Sector Advisor, led a workshop with a distinguished group of Jordanian judges, lawyers, and civil society activists in Amman. This session was intended to present and discuss the preliminary findings of the Justice Needs and Satisfaction (JNS) survey HiiL conducted earlier this year in Jordan. 

  • Launch of Family Justice Report in Uganda

    Launch of Family Justice Report in Uganda 22 May 2017

    By Sam Muller, HiiL CEO

    On 18 May we launched our latest Justice Data Report on Family Justice in Uganda. This was done at a workshop hosted by the Swedish Embassy in Kampala, Uganda. We were honoured with the attendance of representatives from the key actors from the justice system who are concerned with family justice.

    Download the full report in English here: