Dmitry Foremnyi

“There is no better way to make your environment better then bringing the change with you. Furthermore, innovation, law and culture are much more interconnected than one might have imagined. So, adding a global perspective, making legal community more entrepreneurial and competitive is like giving a breath of fresh air to conservative legal sphere. And this is the way to change my country and the world I care about.”

Before joining HiiL Dmitry practiced law in a Dutch law firm providing legal support to science-backed, technological industries like pharmaceutical and clinical trials. Dmitry also worked as a lawyer in Ukrainian multinational companies for several years.

One of Dmitry’s legal interest lies in international and local anti-corruption compliance. Therefore, Dmitry is an author and co-editor of the first Ukrainian English-written blog dedicated to the mentioned topic. It is called CompliancePeriscope.

Being a law student in the Netherlands made a difference to Dmitry’s life. It made him realize the importance of experiencing and accepting different cultures, as well as having access to best educational practices. In order to help other like-minded people from all over the world to gain international experience and knowledge Dmitry is volunteering at the Holland Alumni Network called Ep-Nuffic.

Dmitry’s first deep immersion to the completely different culture happened about 10 years ago, in times of his bachelor studies in Ukraine. It was when he took part in student exchange program called Work and Travel USA. This experience was a turning point for Dmitry to start assessing problems from different perspectives, checking diverse cultural mindsets, and thinking about issues more globally.

Dmitry obtained his LL.M. degree with distinction from Tilburg University, the Netherlands, in International Business Law. In his Master thesis he researched on compulsory licensing of patents. He also attended the Summer School on European Business Law at Heinrich Heine University, Germany and completed an intensive training on social innovation and entrepreneurship from the Social Innovation School in Eastern Europe. He got his initial training as a lawyer in Ukraine.

His spare time Dmitry mostly dedicated to outdoor activities and sports. He enjoys hiking, running, triathlon. Dmitry went for the whole marathon distance in 2013. His passion that is still to come true in the future is flying with the wind on paraglide.


Dmitry Foremnyi
Innovating Justice Agent, Ukraine
+31 (0) 70 762 0700