Dr. Martin Gramatikov

“I witnessed from a close distance some extraordinary world events. In the second half of the 70s I was in China when the country was emerging from the Cultural Revolution. In 1989 just months before the fall of the Berlin wall I was on a sport camp nearby. In 2001 I lived just a few kilometres away from the Pentagon when the attacks on 11/9 took place. My presence there might be a coincidence but the lessons I learned are that the world is changing faster than the history books would predict. Fairness concerns are often the greatest catalyst of change. Studying how people experience justice in their daily lives is like observing big events but at a personal level.”

Martin is the Head of Measuring Justice at HiiL. He strives to integrate both rigorous research and policy making to promote justice and fairness in the world. Martin’s main interests are in the study of fairness of dispute resolution mechanisms, legal needs in everyday life and legal empowerment. His aspiration is to set up a system of valid and reliable indicators to predict where the law of the future will take us.

Martin worked in diverse organisations –private companies, governmental agencies, NGOs and universities. Between 2003 and 2006, he was a coordinator of the Law programme of the Open Society Institute – Sofia, Bulgaria. There he was responsible for the access to justice and reform in police programs. His empirical research in access to justice exposed dramatic gaps in the accessibility to fair processes and outcomes. These findings triggered policy actions, which led to a new legal aid system in the country. In 2007, Martin has conducted the first comprehensive research of the legal needs in transitioning countries. This research triggered similar studies in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and several others. In 2006-2007, Martin joined a startup ICT company, which developed an innovative software product that quickly became a commercial success in the market of legal information systems. Since mid-2007, Martin has been senior researcher at TISCO, Tilburg University. There he led a team of experts to create and validate a methodology for measuring the costs and quality of paths to justice. This methodology has been applied for the study of paths to justice in more than 25 countries. Martin is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency.

Martin has been 11 times Bulgarian national champion in different distances of race walking. Nowadays, he enjoys jogging and the art of making origami.


Dr. Martin Gramatikov
Director Measuring Justice
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