Besoins et satisfaction en matière de justice en Tunisie

A first of its kind since the new constitution was adopted, the JNS study provides valuable information about how Tunisians perceive the justice system in an environment of institutional change.


Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs





Person in charge

Dr. Kavita Heijstek Ziemann

In October and November 2016, HiiL conducted a Justice Needs and Satisfaction Survey in Tunisia. The data reveals the most pressing justice needs of Tunisians and enables evidence based decision making in the judicial sphere.

We talked with more than 6700 residents of Tunisia about their legal needs and their strategies to solve their disputes – if they decide to act-, or we explore the reasons why they end up not doing anything. The data show grievances on employment matters are the most pressing issue the country is facing.

In October 2017, HiiL conducted a follow-up workshop around employment justice in Tunis in order to build a coalition of stakeholders that moves from data to action.

Data is now available in the Justice Dashboard.


randomly selected adults interviewed


in-depth, qualitative interviews were conducted


parties mobilized in coalitions for change in employment justice