Besoins et satisfaction en matière de justice aux EAU

The UAE is a leading country in justice innovation. It also has an important percentage of expats living and working in the country. We heard the voices of locals and expats to understand the experiences of residents when facing justice needs.

A family walks in the streets of Abu Dhabi. A reckless driver causes an accident involving the father of that family, braking one of his legs. This could be the start of an endless, stressful, and costly legal procedure. Not here. This family has access to a user-friendly procedure. Their authorities knew accidents are one of the most prevalent disputes. Here, people have access to a fair procedure in an environment of respect. This is a consequence of having a JNS study in your country.

HiiL is currently working with the UAE Ministry of Justice. We are setting up a Justice Innovation Centre combining the vision of the UAE leadership and our expertise. The goal is to provide 25 million people justice comes to them in a safe environment of fairness by 2027.

In 2015 and 2016, HiiL conducted a JNS survey in 3 emirates of the UAE: Ajman, Dubai, and Sharjah. We talked to almost 4000 residents, expats and nationals. The most severe grievances, according to them, relate to employment, accidents and money. We found the bright spots of justice and the challenges. One of the main conclusions was that different Emirates have different demands. Those local demands need local solutions.

HiiL and the Ministry of Justice of the UAE thus established a partnership that aims to encourage innovative approaches to justice, to inspire action and to build ownership of particular justice journeys that will make a visible and positive impact on peoples lives. Taking a bottom-up approach and deepening knowledge through Justice Needs data, the next steps are to implement new procedures with elements of smart justice technology and state of the art dispute resolution knowledge to reach common goals of innovating justice.

People in need of justice sometimes do not know what to do. When they do know, they go through stressful resource-consuming processes. We invite you to learn more about what your people need to increase their quality of life. Asks us for details, we will be happy to talk.