Besoins et satisfaction en matière de justice au Maroc

We asked 6,000 randomly selected adults in Morocco about their legal needs. This provides a solid evidence base. Hence, mapping out these needs is the first milestone in making justice more user-friendly for all in Morocco.

In 2018 HiiL conducted a Justice Needs and Satisfaction (JNS) study in the Kingdom of Morocco. The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. We also work in collaboration with two local partners to undertake the project: The Judges Club and ADALA.

The goal of the project is to obtain a complete picture of the paths people take when dealing with a legal problem. Where do they go for legal information and advice? Are they able to resolve their problem? Which barriers do they face? And more.

Access to justice in Morocco is continuously evolving. In 2011 the country adopted a new Constitution by referendum. This was in response to protests demanding democratic reform. Article 118 of this Constitution highlights the importance of equal access to justice for all Moroccan citizens.

We aim to combine the dedication of local stakeholders to improving access to justice with the bottom-up data from our survey. This allows the formulation of clear goals and innovation strategies based on solid evidence of the needs of the citizens. Making user-friendly justice an achievable reality.