HiiL Justice Accelerator announces 2017 finalists

The HiiL Justice Accelerator is proud to announce that after receiving more than 600 applications and a challenging 4-month process of selection, we have selected our twelve finalists of the 2017 Innovating Justice Award!

These innovations will attend and pitch at the 8th annual Innovating Justice Forum on December 7th in the Peace Palace. You can get your tickets here.

Check out our finalists below!

Evidence and Methods Lab (Uganda) 

Evidence And Methods Lab is a Ugandan civic technology initiative working in the areas of access to information, accountability and innovation. By creating smart infographics of complex justice problems they promote accountability.

LegitCar (Nigeria)

LegitCar is a car theft-deterrent system to help people find their car and make it difficult to resell stolen vehicles. Since most vehicles stolen from people are still resold to unsuspecting buyers who do not know these vehicles are stolen, LegitCar hopes that by making stolen vehicles difficult to resell they make them easy to recover!


Vertex provides equitable, fast and easy access to legal counselling and representation which is affordable through a pre-paid legal protection plan.

Usalama (Kenya)

Usalama takes access to emergency services to the 21st century by providing a single point to contact emergency services by a tap of a button. They offer a new and dynamic way for people to engage in community policing that is consistent with this century.

MSheria (Kenya)

Msheria helps bailing out petty traffic offenders and taking them through the whole court process. This mobile application provides access to legal consultancy until you are a free person.

FastPortal (the Netherlands)

FastPortal provides online service & self-service. This platform automates, saves and updates clients by working together from visual files.

Lexium (Lebanon)

Lexium is a website and mobile app linking users to lawyers and users to a huge database of Questions and Answers by using artificial intelligence. 

Justfix (USA)

Justfix empowers tenants in neglectful housing situations with tools to better organize, connect with advocates, and take legal actions. They add another tactic to the fight for housing justice by partnering with grassroots organizations to create better support for systems for New York City’s excluded communities.

Road Rules (Zimbabwe)

Road Rules is a mobile app that is revolutionizing the way people acquire driver’s licenses and helps motorists fight traffic police corruption in Zimbabwe.

Lady Liberty (South Africa) 

Lady Liberty is a ‘1st in South Africa’ mobile legal office, taking law to marginalised women by traveling to poor remote areas and by using mobile technology.Their focus is on Domestic Violence (Protection and Harassment Orders), Sexual Assault, Marriage (Customary vs. Civil: In and Out of Community of Property), Divorce (Process, Assets, Maintenance and Children’s Rights), Maintenance, Wills and Labour.

Pinky (Ukraine)

Pinky allows customers to complain and to negotiate disputes with retailers taking easy steps online. Pinky facilitates parties through the process and optimizes the filing of complaints and their processing, which helps to save the company’s budget and increases the customer’s’ loyalty.

Patent Bot (Ukraine)

Patent Bot is a chat-bot, which helps applying TM applications to UKRPATENT online 24/7 with qualified consulting and payment without any papers.