Justice needs in Mali

Justice needs in Mali

In December 2013 HiiL was contracted by the Dutch Embassy in Bamako to conduct a large scale study of the justice needs and satisfaction with the available paths to justice in Mali.

The study will take place in 5 regions of the country and conduct interviews with 5000 randomly selected adult Malians. Respondents will be asked about their justice needs and experiences on paths to justice. The approach will reveal what are the legal problems in the everyday life of the Malian people, what do they do to resolve their problems, which paths to justice they pursue and how much fairness is delivered on these paths.

Data collection will take place in February and March 2014. The final results are expected in June-July 2014. HiiL will collaborate closely with two respected justice sector organisations from Mali - Wildaf and Deme so. From 13 to 18 January 2014 the project partners will organise training for interviewers and will set up the overall infrastructure for the study. A team from HiiL's Measuring and Evaluation group will travel to Bamako to deliver the training.

Project details

Project Leader: Martin Gramatikov
Duration: 2014 - 2015