Legal empowerment and developing communities

Legal empowerment and developing communities 04 December 2012

This initiative introduces a set of sustainable interlocking goals and activities concerning community development: strengthening the community, Connecting communities in other settlements and forming partnerships may prove to be crucial in the chain of development.

The proposed project aims to legally empower local communities in informal settlements in developing countries by setting up community centres in these settlements and providing them with an internet infrastructure and developing a web resource that holds legal information in an accessible form to enable these communities to become aware of their rights and to invoke them.

The community centres will have a multi-purpose function that aside from helping local communities to organize themselves and strengthening their legal knowledge, also provide employment and education opportunities for residents. As the centres can simultaneously function as an internet cafĂ©, they can be self-sufficient and hence sustainable. By effectively using information technology to strengthen slum communities’ capacities in articulating and defending their rights and organise themselves, the proposed project offers these communities the opportunity to significantly contribute to the social and economic development of their neighbourhood.

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