Salam Al – Nukta

Justice Innovation Project Officer

Throughout my upbringing in Syria, the 12 years of the Syria Crisis opened my eyes to the remarkable role of entrepreneurship as a survival mechanism. Hence, the growing passion for using entrepreneurship as a primary tool to advance communities. Having been an entrepreneur myself, I believe in the unprecedented power of young people in bringing positive change if they are given the right opportunity. My role at HiiL enables me to contribute to empowering young people in changing their fate by facilitating innovative access to justice.

Salam Al-Nukta is the Justice Accelerator Project Officer at HiiL. Salam’s major responsibility is to ensure a smooth implementation of the Global Justice Accelerator. Salam finished a BSc in International Business Administration in the Netherlands and is focusing on building a career in leading innovative entrepreneurial approaches and strategies.

In the past 8 years, Salam wore various hats in the pursuit of exploring her true professional character. Her proudest legacy startup was ChangeMakers via which she aimed to reduce the gender gap in the tech field in Syria. Besides that, she worked with international NGOs, including the UN, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs where she supported Orange Corners strategic programming in the Middle East and TEDx.

When Salam is not busy with HiiL projects, she is exploring a new course, learning a new language or looking for a new adventure to embark on. Although cooking is not her best hobby, she loves cooking Syrian food for others and sees it as a wonderful opportunity to tell them about her culture.

Contact info
+31 70 762 0700