Armi Korhonen

Justice Sector Advisor

Delivering access to justice is about knowing what problems people face and what they go through because of them. Formulating evidence-based policies give an opportunity to build societies that are both stable and fair.

Armi works as a research assistant in the Measuring Justice team. She has a background in social policy research and she holds a Master’s degree in International Crimes and Criminology from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Armi finds a special interest in access to justice during transitional justice processes and has fieldwork experience especially from East Africa.

Armi has a passion for bridging the gap between data and policy-making. She believes that everyone should have an access to a stable and safe environment to flourish in, and that evidence-based policy strategies are a key element in securing justice for all.

Contact info
+31 (0) 70 762 0700