HiiL has developed data-driven, multi-stakeholder processes that help justice leaders develop justice innovation strategies. We call it our Justice Transformation Labs. The strategies we produce in these Labs are citizen-centered and outcome driven and built for system change and innovation. This year we will open such Labs in three countries – two in West Africa and another in the Middle East. We are looking for two brave, bridge-building, innovation-driven, and analytically sharp colleagues to strengthen our Justice Transformation Teams. Are you a top level diplomat, entrepreneur, transformation expert, idealist, realist, and well-grounded person in one? Do you want to work in a cutting edge field that is developing fast?

The person we are looking for will co-create and lead a justice Transformation Lab in Mali and potentially Tunisia. Real justice transformation requires diverse coalitions and a shared commitment to implement impactful solutions. As Justice Transformation Lead you will help make real change possible by bringing together justice leaders and experts around a system challenge to deliver user-friendly justice. You help them define what dealing with that challenge would look like. You build the personal trust and commitment that is needed to solve it. You help strengthen these efforts through innovation and develop them into an implementable innovation strategy.

The position:

  • Facilitate a transformation process involving a diverse stakeholder team which produces a justice innovation strategy
  • Lead the team – including the colleagues working in the country in question.
  • Extensive stakeholder mapping, coordinating the required research and analysis so we know  who we need to involve and why
  • Connect to and engage with those stakeholders; people, institutions, networks, at all levels
  • Keep abreast of all relevant political and legal developments regarding the countries where we run such Labs
  • Cooperate and coordinate with our knowledge and innovation teams to ensure that the Lab process is fed with relevant data, knowledge, and innovations
  • Understand political and personal factors that determine positions that people take
  • Contribute to building ownership and enhancing cooperation between different justice stakeholders and institutions: government institutions, justice leaders, legal experts, international organisations, innovators, development organisations, civil society organisations, and the private sector
  • Liaise with funding and strategic partners, and support reporting and fundraising efforts

Our new colleague:

  • Has a Master’s degree +8 years experience in relevant field (e.g. law, politics, economics, international relations, international development studies, conflict studies)
  • Has proven experience in leading and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes. A passion for the justice sector and profound knowledge of strategy making in the public sector and, ideally, the justice sector
  • Is able to deeply listen and build trust with a broad range of actors
  • Has political awareness, -sensitivity, -astuteness, and -courage where needed
  • Is at ease with working on challenging environments in processes with high levels of information security and a need to manage team and personal security well
  • Has excellent interpersonal and diplomatic skills. Highly developed cultural sensitivity. Is modest
  • Has good analytical skills. Thinks fast, is able to assess and analyse fast, does not get lost in complexity
  • Is a strong process manager, result oriented, able to manage a variety of tasks and people and complete complex projects successfully
  • Fluency in English and French required
  • Is a team player, independent, hands-on and a strong sense of responsibility
  • Flexibility, ability and willingness to travel frequently to the areas where you work, mainly West Africa (Mali and Tunisia) including potentially insecure environments
  • Profound knowledge and/or working experience in West African context

We offer you:

  • An organizational culture where motivation prevails; the work that we do is meaningful and contributes to changing people’s lives
  • An environment that is bound to further improve your professional skills

What else:

  • We are offering a full-time position with the aim of building long-term work relationships
  • Part of a dynamic and international team
  • Being creative, courageous and collaborative are at the heart of our organisation
  • Preferably holding EU-citizenship

*We recruit on a rolling basis, so we invite you applying earlier rather than later.

Will you join us? Apply now!