Transforming Justice

Creating New Paths To Solutions

What happens if lawyers only talk to lawyers? You get solutions with only one perspective. But we know that this is not delivering the user-friendly justice we need. Real justice transformation requires diversity and shared commitment to a goal. We think designers, entrepreneurs, finance experts, psychologists, and, most importantly, the users of the justice system themselves have a lot to add. Our Justice Transformation experts strive for transformations that are grounded in reality. Come together around a common legal challenge. Define what dealing with that challenge would look like. Build the personal trust and commitment that is needed to solve it. Strengthen it with innovation and make it part of the justice system. That’s how we aim to help you. 

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Justice Leadership Group

We work closely with a distinguished group of experts. The Justice Leadership Group is comprised of 10 internationally renowned justice leaders from all over the world, who themselves have led impressive justice changes in their respective communities. With their immense experience and stature, they help build coalitions against the most pressing justice problems and address these problems from multiple angles.

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