Building an enabling environment for people-centred justice

Creating New Paths To Solutions

Business-as-usual approaches, including more courts, more lawyers and more litigation do not provide enough capacity to reach SDG target 16.3. The Covid-19 crisis further exacerbates challenges and brings the justice gap into sharp focus. Where are the approaches that take on this reality?

The multi-faceted justice sector is seldom coordinated by a single institution. Therefore, we carefully create a space where the necessary actors can come together to set goals, design and pilot innovative strategies and build lasting collaborative partnerships. We support actors to familiarise themselves with country data, examples of innovations, and transformative ways of working that can deliver the effective justice delivery they yearn to give to their people.

We create environments for real transformation. Diverse groups of stakeholders come together in a series of dialogues that are highly participatory in their design, and guided by experienced facilitators. The diversity of representation in the Justice Transformation Labs is not only cross-sectoral and gender-balanced, but also multi-level, bringing community-level stakeholders together with national-level actors.

We conduct this work across several countries – including Uganda, The Netherlands, Nigeria and Syria. Justice transformation is needed across the world, in situations of peace and stability as well as in situations of fragility and protracted conflict. 

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