Themba Mahleka

Justice Accelerator Head - Southern Africa

Access is key to the rise of Africa. Access to information, financial services, healthcare and indeed, justice. It is therefore an honour to be supporting efforts to accelerate innovative ways of making justice accessible to all!

Themba is an attorney by profession with an LLB from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and a post graduate Certificate in Corporate Governance from the University of Johannesburg. He commenced his career specialising in labour (employment) and commercial law. After which, he worked with Transparency International (TI) as the Senior Legal Officer. TI is an international anti-corruption organisation that believes in values of transparency, accountability and integrity.

Themba is simply passionate about legal tech and innovation. He does not believe that, as attorneys, “the robots are coming to take our jobs”. Instead, legal practice and the delivery of legal services is evolving and in doing so, becoming more accessible. For Themba, working with HiiL presents a unique opportunity to not only work in legal innovation but to do so for the benefit of those members of society who need access to justice the most.


Contact info
+27 76 586 0774