Grace Ellis

Justice Sector Advisor

Around the world, justice does not deliver what people need in their most difficult moments. Working for HiiL is about interrupting injustice about taking concrete steps forward on the real issues that are holding people back.

Grace holds a Master’s in International Relations from Leiden University where she specialised in Conflict and Post-Conflict studies. Her thesis analysed transitional justice in Kosovo, particularly focusing on efforts to address the issue of conflict-related sexual violence. Her experiences working at cultural institutions influenced the way she values incorporating local nuance and sensitivity in the work process.

With HiiL, Grace explores what it means to collaborate with purpose, develop diverse partnerships and how to bring innovative solutions to centre stage. Her project work and research largely focus on access to justice in the Sahel region. To build strategies and solutions which resolve ordinary people’s most pressing justice problems is what drives Grace and she actively contributes to programmes that make the concept of ‘justice’ more accessible for all.

Contact info
+31 (0) 70 762 0700