Devon Scoulelis

Hub & Franchise Manager

My passion lies in growing opportunities for individuals in emerging economies, while creating sustainable solutions that provide long-term growth of the social impact ecosystems. My experiences in the social impact world has left me with a drive to continue learning and creating through new opportunities that can leave a positive social effect on our generation and each to come in the future. Having this purpose in my daily work, provides me with an unwavering pursuit that makes each day feel like a new opportunity and a new challenge to further this mission.

Devon Scoulelis is originally from South Africa, and is now based in the Netherlands after joining HiiL as the Global Social Franchise & Hub Manager. Devon focuses on growing HiiL’s impact across the world through a pioneering social franchise structure, thereby empowering local organisations to grow justice innovations in various countries across the world. Through this format, HiiL provides the knowledge, support, education and structures in order to allow the local HiiL Hubs to foster and scale justice innovation within their region.

Devon has a background in founding and growing a multi-national commercial franchise business across both South Africa and into multiple African countries, as well as growing a non-profit organisation focused on developing township and rural entrepreneurs within South Africa. Devon has also grown social franchise structures for other non-profit and corporate partners looking to create a greater social impact in a financially sustainable format on the continent.

Outside of HiiL, Devon enjoys exploring new cultures, food, cities, lands. Diving into new cultures and understanding every part of them through hands-on experiences is what attracts him the most.

Contact info
+31 (0) 70 762 0700