Claudia Heemskerk

Director Shared Services

To make a difference being sincere, passionate & hard working is a first step. The worldwide digitization adds possibilities and by bringing the legal industry, IT developments & entrepreneurship together we make things work.

Claudia has been working in the Legal IT industry for almost 10 years and saw lots of developments which more people should benefit from, which made her join HiiL. The experience comes from setting up Lexxyn Group where she offered synergistic benefits for the affiliated companies in finance, HR & marketing and as founder of the Legal IT event “PLEIT” she has made IT developments accessible and understandable for lawyers, notaries & bailiffs.

The combination of effective cooperation in a growing business and making knowledge accessible is what she takes with to HiiL. After studying Management, Economics & Law she has always been driven to combine different people, departments and ways of thinking to get results. At HiiL she sets processes in place, will efficiently and effectively support projects and makes sure to get the best out of people by taking care of their wellbeing and the wellbeing of all around us working on our mission.


Contact info
+31 (0) 70 762 0700