Adam Oxford

Justice Accelerator Head, Southern Africa

The gap between justice need and justice provision is growing, and using traditional methods to bridge it through CSI and probono activities alone isn’t working. We have to find more innovative ways to address justice problems.

Adam Oxford has worked for 20 years as a journalist covering technology, entrepreneurialism and international development. He’s written extensively about everything from videogames and online culture to cybersecurity, the rise of M-PESA and how the computer network at CERN crunches data about the fabric of the universe. He moved to South Africa in 2012, partly to discover first-hand how mobile technology was impacting people’s lives across the continent, and partly for the weather.

As well as working with the HiiL Justice Accelerator in Southern Africa, Adam also works closely with media and technology organisations to help train newsrooms and civil society organisations in digital product design and data-driven research and storytelling. He loves game drives and tries to escape Johannesburg to take refuge in the bush as often as he possibly can.

Contact info
+27 (0)74 2394 383