Justice Acceleration Programme

Problem: Often times justice innovators need guidance, training, and funding to scale their idea.

Solution: Since 2012, the HiiL Justice Accelerator has provided these key areas of support to over 110 justice innovations around the world.


Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mott Foundation


2012 - ongoing



Justice Innovations help a lot of people. But so often, they’re dependent on grants and donations. Even more often, they help people in one community, but they’re not growing.

To grow, justice innovations need “fuel.” Sometimes, this fuel is funding. We give a little. More often, this fuel comes from advice and mentorship. Business model development. Thinking about scaling efficiently.

Enter the HiiL Justice Acceleration Programme. Every year we support around a dozen of the world’s most promising justice innovations. We provide them funding, mentorship, advising, networking connections, and help engaging with the justice sector.

Our most important metric: growth. We want justice innovations to think in the scale of millions, not hundreds. Through our programme we look for strong, consistent growth. We want them to reach and help as many people as possible.


List of justice innovations supported by us.



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