Employment Justice in MENA Region

Problem: Conflicts at work have a negative effect on both employees and employers and it can be difficult to reach agreements
Solution: A user-friendly online platform that supports employees, employers and justice practitioners to reach fair agreements and continue with their lives

Employment disputes affect users and whole economies

Conflicts at work can have a severe impact on both employees and employers. Loss of productivity, emotional distress, health issues and economic losses are just some of the negative consequences that people can experience. Moreover these disputes can have a negative effect on entire economies when there is a lack of access to effective solutions. People who experiences such disputes often feel lost and helpless, without knowing where to go or who to speak to in order to find a solution and move on with their lives. Employers and employees both seek user-friendly and effective tools to help them solve their problems.


A “one-stop-shop” solution

Multiple surveys and co-creation workshops have been conducted throughout the MENA region. The outcome is an online dispute resolution system for employment conflicts. The system is designed to help employers and employees solve their problems by coming to fair agreements. Users are guided through a user-friendly process that includes an intake, diagnosis, dialogue between parties, mediation, adjudication and aftercare. Rather than fighting in an adversarial court procedure, the system encourages trying to understand each other and reach an agreement.


Sustainability of agreements

To ensure that the agreements are fair and binding, they are reviewed by a lawyer and signed by a judge. It doesn’t stop there however, as both the employer and employee are contacted after some time to check if the agreement is still suitable. Has anything changed? Do new agreements need to be made? Adjustments can be made, which ensures that agreements are sustainable and user-friendly. The employment dispute resolution tool offers an innovative and user-friendly way to resolve conflicts.