Building agreement online for family conflicts

Problem: Separation often has severe consequences for couples and their children.
Solution: A user-friendly online platform that supports families and justice practitioners to reach fair agreements and continue with their lives


Dutch Legal Aid Board
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The Netherlands, Canada

Person in charge

Prof.Dr. Maurits Barendrecht

Empower families to stay in control

People fall in love and start families. Some couples do not make it. They separate, that is all they know. Where can they go to reorganize their lives? They need personal advice and want to arrange their affairs. They are angry or disappointed and want to do what is best for their children. They want to be treated fairly and stay in contact with their spouse. So they need a therapist, plus a lawyer, and also a financial expert, a mediator and perhaps a judge. How can this be?


A one stop shop agreement and court platform

We developed the first platform that supports families and justice workers to come to agreements. With targeted help for all conflicts and needs. The system asks each spouse questions about needs of the children, housing, properties and communication. A diagnosis reveals their level of conflict. Then couples work together on solutions, each in their own home, together in one room, or assisted by a justice worker. The system helps, by offering the tools of the world’s best mediators, experts, psychologists and judges. And if they need extra support, they can get help from local professionals, including a judge guaranteeing fair outcomes.

Making sure that solutions work

When agreements are finalized, they are reviewed for fairness and signed. The system periodically checks. People’s lives continue to develop and change. The agreements might need some adjustments. More than 1500 couples already separated with this technology, with very high client satisfaction. First developed in the Netherlands, it was known under the name of Rechtwijzer, which is seen by experts as one of the great working prototypes of online supported dispute resolution (ODR) and online courts. You can use it now in Canada and in the Netherlands, where it grew into a separate business, support by great investors, wanting to create social impact.


Visit the current version of the platform Uit Elkaar, operated by our partner Justice42 at


couples have successfully reached agreements using the system