Measuring Justice

Today's justice sector organisations wish to show their added value, since it enhances their legitimacy. Increasingly, they have to answer questions such as: Who benefits? How do businesses experience working under certain laws or rules? How satisfied are people appearing in courts? And even: do they actually get justice?

Good laws and fair procedures are very valuable. Their impact on the lives of people and organisations can also be demonstrated objectively. We help to:

  • Evaluate legal systems for particular activities, procedures for rule making, dispute settlement processes and court procedures.
  • Focus on the added value and the fairness of procedures and outcomes.
  • Develop benchmarks and terms of reference.

Our evaluations are:

  • Based upon what people experienced in the justice sector rather than what they believe.
  • Focused on what works for justice clients and the fairness they experience.

Martin Gramatikov (Head of Measuring and Evaluation) is keen to discuss our measuring and assessment tools with you and assess how they can help you to add value. E-mail or call Martin at +31 (0) 70 762 0700 or +31 (0) 6 3426 2430.

Further reading

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    Measuring Access to Justice Procedure Evaluations

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