Highest Courts and Globalisation

Authored by Sam Muller and Sydney Richards (eds.), published in 2010 Highest Courts and Globalisation

Sam Muller and Sydney Richards (eds.), Highest Courts and Globalisation, Asser Press, 2010

The interactions within societies and legal systems have consequences on highest national courts, which also increasingly interact with each other.

One of the main tasks of highest courts is the maintenance of legal coherency within the national legal system. Highest courts should also observe national legislation to be in conformity with the constitution and international treaties. In the internationalising world of today, societies and legal systems increasingly interact. This has consequences for highest national courts which also increasingly interact with each other. The authors in this book investigate the implications of these phenomena for theory and practice. As leading scholars and distinguished judges they offer a unique and unprecedented perspective on the issue of highest courts and globalisation.
This book is therefore highly recommended to judges and practitioners in national and international courts, academics, parliamentarians and civil servants of national ministries of justice and the interior.

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