• Innovations in Online Justice Journeys

    Innovations in Online Justice Journeys

    The past 10 years the Rechtwijzer platforms have been under a process of constant evolution, adding numerous innovative alterations to the different components of each platform. Our most recent innovations are as follows:

  • Netherlands Project Rechtwijzer

    Netherlands Project Rechtwijzer

    Rechtwijzer has existed in the Netherlands for over 10 years, and in its current capacity as an ODR platform for the last one and a half years. It is the first Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform to succeed in innovating ODR within complex relation disputes like divorce and landlord-tenant issues, rather than its traditional use in consumer disputes.

  • Relate UK

    Relate UK

    Relate has been the biggest provider of relationship support in the United Kingdom for a number of years. They help individuals and couples with various matters. Now Relate is expanding with us, HiiL Rechtwijzer, to introduce the UK public to a platform that will enable people to create their own separation plan, with the guidance of server providers throughout the process.

  • MyLawBC


    MyLawBC is the Rechtwijzer platform of the Legal Service Society of British Columbia and is based on the Dutch Rechtwijzer platforms, with the addition of guided pathways. These pathways are similar to the Debt pathway in the Netherlands and cover: Separation, divorce & family orders, abuse & family violence, missed mortgage payments and wills & personal planning.

  • Rechtwijzer: Divorce and separation

    Rechtwijzer: Divorce and separation

    The Dutch Legal Aid Board is a founding partner of Rechtwijzer 1.0, the Dutch interactive diagnosis and triage website launched in 2007. Their continued partnership helped to further innovate online dispute resolution support and resulted in Rechtwijzer 2.0.

  • Rechtwijzer 2.0: Technology that puts justice in your hands

    Rechtwijzer 2.0: Technology that puts justice in your hands

    Rechtwijzer 2.0 is an online-based dispute resolution platform that supports people throughout their justice journey.

  • M-Sheria; Mobile law in Kenya

    M-Sheria; Mobile law in Kenya

    Kenya has a population of over 40 million, which mostly lives in rural areas. However, the country has less than 5000 lawyers with the majority of those living in the bigger cities. About 46% of Kenyan population lives under the poverty line and cannot afford a lawyer and legal services in case of need or dispute.

  • Mediation 2.0

    Mediation 2.0

    Mediation as a service to be delivered to two parties in a conflict on a voluntary basis is not a viable proposition. There are too many problems at the demand side. New value propositions are needed. Mediation 2.0 is likely to consist a number of services that are integrated in other access to justice mechanisms.

  • Divorce online

    An online platform supports the interaction between divorcees. It promotes a cooperative dialogue, addressing both the emotional issues, arrangements for the children, as well as the financial consequences of the divorce. The platform guides them towards resolution. If they cannot agree, the information submitted on the platform enables lawyers and judges to intervene more effectively.