Study on Transitional Justice in Yemen

Study on Transitional Justice in Yemen

HiiL is participating in an ambitious study on the Transitional Justice process in Yemen. This study was procured by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Yemen.

The overarching goal of the Transitional Justice process is to sustain a national dialogue on (past) violations of human rights, and to look to the future by establishing a more just society. One way to achieve this is to promote national reconciliation through various mechanisms - criminal justice, compensation of victims, finding and agreeing on the truth, remembering the past and vetting.

Together with The Hague Institute for Global Justice, HiiL’s Measuring Justice team will design and implement quantitative and qualitative data from the people of Yemen and experts. During the course of 2015, more than 2000 inhabitants of Yemen will be interviewed on a range of topics related to transitional justice and everyday justice needs. This will include criminal law, reparations, truth telling and institutional reforms. The goal is to have a clear overview on 1) perceptions about/on transitional justice and 2) the justice needs of the people of Yemen.

Beyond collecting and analyzing quantitative data, HiiL will consult and interview various national stakeholders about their view on the transitional justice process. It is HiiL's vision that this project will be another important step in ensuring a more just future for the people of Yemen.

Project details

Project leader: Dr. Martin Gramatikov
Project partner: The Hague Institute for Global Justice
Duration: 2014-2015