Rechtwijzer: Divorce and separation

Rechtwijzer: Divorce and separation

The Dutch Legal Aid Board is a founding partner of Rechtwijzer 1.0, the Dutch interactive diagnosis and triage website launched in 2007. Their continued partnership helped to further innovate online dispute resolution support and resulted in Rechtwijzer 2.0.

Rechtwijzer 2.0 is an online application that supports people throughout their justice journey. Whether it is helping to diagnose their legal situation or organising professional interventions, Rechtwijzer 2.0 empowers people to manage the process and desired outcome.

The Rechtwijzer 2.0 application was initially designed to support people with divorce-related issues in The Netherlands. An English version of this module is scheduled to go live in British Columbia and England in the course of 2015. Additionally, a landlord-tenant module and employment module are scheduled to go live in The Netherlands in the second half of 2015.

Project details

Project leaders: Corry van Zeeland & Jin Ho Verdonschot
Project partner: Dutch Legal Aid Board
Duration: 2007-ongoing