Programme Generation Tool: Phase 2

Programme Generation Tool: Phase 2

At HiiL Innovating Justice we are always looking for new ways to innovate measuring justice tools. At the end of 2014, we initiated a new phase in the development of the Programme Generation Tool (PGT). This is a tool that supports Rule of Law programming in countries around the world. In this new phase, the tool will be further developed to move from a prototype to a functional web application.

The Project

For this project, HiiL partners with the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs and 'the Knowledge Platform: Security & Rule of Law' to feed data of three different countries into the tool. The prototype will be developed with the goal to support Dutch embassies around the world. The improved tool will serve as an embassy’s 'institutional memory' when it comes to rule of law programming. Rule of law programming aims to collect, map and organise the most important justice data of a country.

Rule of law programming is a vital part of the work of Dutch embassies in fragile and conflict affected countries. It is widely recognised that human, social and economic development can only take place within a framework of respect for the rule of law. The PGT will streamline the programming processes of the rule of law in a country through a method called 'active knowledge management'.

The tool will keep track of the following four core aspects that are elementary for an effective and adaptable rule of law programming:

1) Stakeholder assessment
2) Documents
3) Data from rule of law and justice-relevant indexes and indicators
4) Areas of challenges for the rule of law in each country (cloud of challenges)


Initiating this new phase for the Programme Generation Tool has multiple
aims. The most important goal is that rule of law programming will become much
easier to monitor. This will ensure that more effective justice policies are
implemented, offering citizens greater access to justice.

Secondly, there is a relatively great constant influx of new personnel in the embassy sector. The PGT serves as one comprehensive databank to make new employees easily familiar with the procedures, processes and measures of the specific rule of law programming in an embassy. Lastly, the PGT is a user-friendly and easily adaptable tool that can be tailored to the specific justice needs of a country.

Project Details

Project leader: Kavita Ziemann
Duration: March 2015 - August 2015
Contact person: Kavita Ziemann