Measuring Justice Needs and Satisfaction in Jordan

HiiL is currently conducting the Justice Needs and Satisfaction survey in Jordan as a way to contribute to evidence-based innovation in access to justice in the country. This research is part of the larger multi-country project commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More than 6000 randomly selected Jordanian citizens and Syrian refugees living in Jordan have been interviewed between February and April 2017. With this data, we have mapped out the justice needs and existing justice journeys, which will enable us to identify priority areas as well as understanding what works in the local context. By listening to the refugees, we aim to understand their specific needs for justice. During the summer of 2017 we will conduct in-depth qualitative interviews that will provide us with more valuable information about Jordan’s justice needs.

In June 2017 we conducted a workshop in Amman, where our experts brought the preliminary findings to discussion with local stakeholders. The final report will provide the evidence to prioritize policy formulation and justice delivery in Jordan, according to the needs of the users.

Because getting and understanding the data is just the first step towards better justice, a Justice Leadership Coalition will be convened and empowered with bottom-up justice data. This coalition will be a multidisciplinary group of justice practitioners, civil society experts, academics and entrepreneurs will be supported with data and knowledge in an exercise to redesign two of the most frequent and tenacious justice needs derived from our data.

Project details

Project leader: Dr. Martin Gramatikov

Project partner: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Duration: 2016-