Innovating Justice Challenge

Innovating Justice Challenge

The Innovating Justice Challenge is organised annually by the Innovating Justice Accelerator to seek out the best justice entrepreneurs in the world.

Decades of rule of law efforts have not had the impact hoped for. An innovation wave is now starting to engulf the health sector. E-health and frugal innovation are increasing the reach of basic health care like never before. The environmental sector is also innovating, in areas such as waste recycling and clean water. This innovation energy is passing by the justice sector. Or is it?

HiiL Justice Accelerator comes across hundreds of practical justice solutions every year that can really make a difference. Justice change makers who are busy building much faster and cheaper contract negotiation or conflict resolution procedures, more effective protection mechanisms of citizens' rights or more participative, accountable and transparent decision- and rule-making processes. But we also see many of them fail. Justice innovators are often isolated. They feel trapped in rigid systems and too often lack the necessary skills, connections and support. Effective innovations need to be integrated in existing systems much faster and successful practices need much more exposure around the world. It is time to release a similar kind of entrepreneurial energy into developing innovation around justice delivery: responsive, connecting with real needs, private sector and investor networks and supported by a more sustainable ecosystem.

The Innovating Justice Challenge invites entrepreneurs globally to submit their innovations on our platform and compete for seed funding and acceleration support. They are selected through various rounds of online campaigning, wildcard selection and expert-jury selection during the Innovating Justice Forum. In 2015, 37 innovations were shortlisted to compete for the Innovating Justice Awards. 

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Project leader: Ellen Tacoma
Duration: 2015-