Guardians of Justice in Indonesia

Guardians of Justice in Indonesia

The Guardians of Justice (GoJ) programme in Indonesia is an extension of an earlier GoJ project that started in 2013. The programme aims to improve the delivery of justice to people around the world by empowering local civil society organisations to monitor citizen’s experiences with the justice system. Armed with this data, these organisations progress to become Guardians of Justice whose aim it is to hold justice delivery organisations accountable and to effectively push for change where it is needed most.


A solid justice base is essential during the structural development of a country. That is why the programme’s most important goals are to empower local Guardians and facilitate justice sector accountability. With the necessary tools and skills, local actors can monitor the justice needs of citizens to promote and incorporate innovative solutions. Regular monitoring will also highlight the problem areas within the justice system, leading to the creation and implementation of bottom-up and effective change strategies.

The next phase

The first phase of the GoJ programme in Indonesia was evaluated by Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia (YLBHI) – the largest legal aid organisation in Indonesia – and the Open Society Justice Initiative. Feedback was also received from international donors, civil society members, academics and representatives from the Indonesian government. The evaluation showed that the data collected through the first phase of the GoJ programme was considered highly valuable by all parties involved. This momentum should now be used to obtain even more data on the justice needs of the people of Indonesia.

The next phase is to fully capture citizen’s experiences with the justice sector so that further improvements can be made. For instance, data can be gathered on regional differences which will make it easier to tailor approaches to specific areas. This will ensure that the right justice measures are implemented for the people of Indonesia.

For more information about this programme, please contact Dr. Martin Gramatikov, Head of Measuring Justice.

Project details

Project leader: Dr. Martin Gramatikov
Duration: 2014-2016