Evaluating local justice facilitators in Nicaragua

Evaluating local justice facilitators in Nicaragua

HiiL has undertaken an assignment delegated by Organisation of American State (OAS) to perform an Impact Evaluation of a specific paralegal programme in Nicaragua. OAS has been trialing this programme in Central America to provide communities with a better access to justice. These communities do not have proper access to courts, police or similar legal services.

Operations designed to ease the access to justice

Since 1908, the International Organisation of American States (OAS) has been facilitating judicialists in Nicaragua to operate in the communities where there is little supply of legal services or it is difficult to reach legal institutions. The facilitators have been selected among the local citizens who are respected and trusted by the society. These people are chosen and trained to act as facilitators
connecting people to the legal institutes to resolve disputes or provide support for any other legal need. These facilitators help people in various ways either with communication with courts and connecting them to legal institutions or by offering legal advice and information to solve their problems.

HiiL studies the impact of the programme

In 2010 HiiL has been asked to evaluate the impact of this project within six barrios (poor neighbourhoods), knowing the programme was going to be definitely launched in four of them. The study has been covering municipalities before and after the launch of this legal service, evaluating the impact on civil society. HiiL has randomly sampled people, studying the process to collect impartial and objective knowledge. Interviews and surveys have been conducted with the stakeholders in the justice sector, general public and facilitators. HiiL’s finalised report will be published in December 2013, through the United Nations University working series.

Project details 

Project Leader: Dr Martin Gramatikov
Duration: 2010 - December 2013
Contact: Dr Martin Gramatikov


Impact assessment of the Facilitadores Judiciales programme in Nicaragua