Creative City The Hague

Creative City The Hague

How can the city of The Hague strengthen collaboration between the creative and justice sector? This is the question that the new project 'Creative City the Hague' tries to answer.

The challenge

The City of The Hague strives to secure the economic future for both the city and the region. The creative sector accounts for a significant part of the economic future, but has yet to make full contact with the international law settings, or legal innovation and entrepreneurship in The Hague. This is a missed opportunity.

The response

In partnership with Creative City The Hague, HiiL is launching a new project that will strengthen cooperation between the creative sector and the justice sector in The Hague. Six local creative entrepreneurs are challenged to work with the top finalists of the 5th Annual Innovating Justice Forum to increase the creativity and effectiveness of their innovation. They will also attend brainstorming sessions with HiiL experts to exchange ideas on the abstract concept of how 'justice' can be more visible in the city. The best ideas will be further developed and can be realised within the city.

The goal of the project is to develop international collaboration around top justice innovations, and build awareness that the creative sector in The Hague plays an important role in furthering the development of justice icon projects. Not only can the justice sector benefit greatly from more creativity and innovation, the partnership will create more jobs and provide more project opportunities to the city.

The project is scheduled for evaluation at the end of June 2015. During this evaluation, possible extensions of the project will be discussed as well as new directions in which the project can be taken. The main aim of the project, fostering ties between the creative and justice sector within the Hague, will remain the same.

For more information about this initiative, please contact Christina Moreno, Community Manager.

Project details

Project leader: Wilfried de Wever
Duration: 2014-2015