Measuring Justice Needs and Satisfaction in Lebanon

Measuring Justice Needs and Satisfaction in Lebanon

In 2017 HiiL will be conducting research in Lebanon to reveal the justice needs and satisfaction of the people living there and enable evidence based decision making in the judicial sphere. This study is part of a larger multi-country project commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Justice Needs and Satisfaction will be measured through a survey among roughly 6000 randomly selected adult individuals living in Lebanon. In this overall sample, we aim to include 20% Syrian refugees living in Lebanon to understand their specific needs for justice. The results of the study will be used to prioritize policy formulation and justice delivery in Lebanon according to the needs of the users.
The research will cover general perceptions and attitudes regarding the justice system in Lebanon. Furthermore, respondents will be interviewed about their specific justice needs and their pursued paths to justice. While also highlighting their perceptions on the quality the procedure, quality of the outcomes, and costs of these paths to justice.

The final report is expected to be completed in December.

Project details

Project leader: Martijn Kind
Project partner: Statistics Lebanon
Duration: 2016-2017