Justice Needs Survey in Kenya

Justice Needs Survey in Kenya

Together with the World Bank, the Judiciary of Kenya have commissioned HiiL to conduct the Justice Needs and Satisfaction survey [JNS], commencing in 2017 in the Republic of Kenya. More than 6000 randomly selected Kenyans will be interviewed about their legal needs, and will provide in-depth information about their justice journeys. The key objective of this JNS is to learn what are the most serious and prevalent justice problems in Kenya; to map out how the users of justice perceive the quality of the justice processes and the quality of the justice outcomes. The study will also look at Kenyans’ perceptions on public and private institutions, as well as their levels of legal empowerment.

Kenya lies in the East African Rift area, and it’s inhabitants comprise a wide variety of ethnic and linguistic groups. It has a vibrant young population that comprises approximately more than 50% of the total populace. Such diversity generates numerous opportunities due to the richness of the population and landscape. However, it also creates many challenges for legal institutions in both delivering justice and ensuring equal judicial accessibility for the diverse variety of social groups across Kenya’s different regions.

The Kenyan Judiciary has embarked upon a transformative process, focused on citizens and public engagement. HiiL’s bottom-up approach used for measuring justice fits the Judiciary’s interests and needs, allowing them to use the data as a springboard for targeted, evidence-based interventions. The East African region moves forward in increasing access to justice, and HiiL’s activities in Kenya will contribute to the overall feasibility of this ambitious goal.

Project details

Project leader: Rodrigo Nunez
Project partner: The Judicary of Kenya
Duration: 2017