Justice Needs & Satisfaction Survey goes to the heart of understanding justice needs in the UAE

Justice Needs & Satisfaction Survey goes to the heart of understanding justice needs in the UAE

HiiL, in partnership with the The Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), identified the most pressing justice problems that residents of the UAE (both locals and expats) face. The Justice Needs and Satisfaction Tool (JNST) is able to track relevant elements of justice pathways of those residing in the UAE.

The Justice Needs and Satisfaction Report aims to assist the Ministry of Justice in further improving their delivery of justice as well as in prioritising and innovating around the needs and expectations of their residents.

Building on our strong tradition of data collection, the JNS questions prompted almost four thousand respondents from which we could draw a picture of their needs, experience and expectations in terms of fair justice journeys. Some of the questions we asked covered topics such as: how many justice problems did residents in the UAE encounter? Which type of problems did they experience? Where did they seek information and advice, where did they seek resolution, and how did they evaluate the resolution process?

The Ministry of Justice is now able to make use of the evidence provided by the survey to make informed judgements in terms of the quality of the procedures, the quality of the outcomes and the costs of the justice journeys. It provides a timely opportunity for the Ministry to reflect on the current state of delivery of justice services and the potential to ascertain demand in terms of priority services. We have made a selection of key findings available in the Preliminary Report on our website. The full report will be accessible in the beginning of next year.

HiiL and the Ministry of Justice of the UAE thus established a partnership that aims to encourage innovative approaches to justice, to inspire action and to build ownership of particular justice journeys that will make a visible and positive impact on peoples lives. Taking a bottom-up approach and deepening knowledge through Justice Needs data, the next steps are to implement new procedures with elements of smart justice technology and state of the art dispute resolution knowledge to reach common goals of innovating justice.

Project details

Project leader: Dr. Kavita Heijstek Ziemann
Project partner: Ministry of Justice UAE and Ipsos Mena Region
Duration: 2015-2017