Relate UK

As the patented Rechtwijzer method, the Relate platform will involve a three step process - Intake, Negotiation and Review. We will also include two optional stages of Mediation and Arbitration.

Relate UK

Relate has been the biggest provider of relationship support in the United Kingdom for a number of years. They help individuals and couples with various matters. Now Relate is expanding with us, HiiL Rechtwijzer, to introduce the UK public to a platform that will enable people to create their own separation plan, with the guidance of server providers throughout the process.

Before users begin, we will provide an optional free diagnosis, which is a guided pathway to information and advice to those that are contemplating separation. Then there will be the compulsory intake where a number of questions are answered to understand the needs, interests and first thoughts in terms of solutions for both parties so that the negotiation can begin. This will be followed by the mandatory dialogue which allows both parties to work together on model solutions step by step towards a completed agreement. Throughout the stages the two parties will have the option to request mediation or adjudication services at the click of a button and actually converse with a legal expert. The final step will be the compulsory review that is implemented by a certified legal professional to indicate the fairness of the agreement.

We have as our focus the user so algorithms were created to provide 64 tailored model solutions that are customized for each different case. All of the questions that a user will come across on the platform have been carefully designed with the help of mediators, so as to help the user understand the situation and come to the best agreement for both parties.

We are always interested in providing the best experience for our users and that is why we constantly add innovating features to our platforms. To see what is new and what is coming soon in all of our platforms see the Innovations In Rechtwijzer.

Relate in the Media

The ODR platform that Relate and we at HiiL Rechtwijzer are creating has been introduced to national and international media through multiple articles. Two examples of are the following.

ABC Australia

This article mentions that a pilot platform has been created for the UK market.


The article explains how Relate and we at HiiL Rechtwijzer are collaborating in the creation of “..a one-stop shop for people going through separation”.