Netherlands Project Rechtwijzer

We developed the platform in the Netherlands in conjunction with the Raad voor Rechtsbijstand (Dutch Legal Aid Board) and with financing from the Ministerie van Veiligheid. Rechtwijzer has expanded to British Columbia with MyLawBC and to the UK with Relate.

All of the platforms enable the two parties to collaborate on their legal problem in their own words, at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home. Empowering people with the only tool that gives them control of their own legal destiny in a guided manner. This guidance and any additional assistance needed is provided by professional, legally trained service providers, that are always on standby to safeguard the user's interests.

Netherlands Project Rechtwijzer

Rechtwijzer has existed in the Netherlands for over 10 years, and in its current capacity as an ODR platform for the last one and a half years. It is the first Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform to succeed in innovating ODR within complex relation disputes like divorce and landlord-tenant issues, rather than its traditional use in consumer disputes.

The patented Rechtwijzer method involves a three step process - Intake, Negotiation and Review. We also include two optional stages of Mediation and Arbitration.

Before users begin, we provide an optional free diagnosis, which is a guided pathway to information and advice for those that are contemplating separation.

Next there is the compulsory intake where a number of questions are answered to understand the needs, interests and first thoughts in terms of solutions for both parties so that the negotiation can begin. This is followed by the mandatory dialogue phase, which allows both parties to work together on model solutions step by step towards a completed agreement. Throughout the stages the two parties have the option to request mediation or adjudication services at the click of a button and actually converse with a legal expert. The final step is the compulsory review that is implemented by a certified legal professional to ensure the fairness and quality of the agreement.

It can be difficult for users to know where to start. With Rechtwijzer we have created algorithms to sort through 64 tailored model solutions that are customized for each different case and provide the most appropriate starting point for a couple according to their intake answers. All of the questions that a user comes across on the platform have been carefully designed with the help of mediators, so as to help the user appreciate all perspectives and come to the best agreement for both parties.

We have conducted over 3,500 surveys over the space of a year in order to make our platforms as helpful as possible to the users. That is how we come to innovate our platforms so often and as a result the separation agreements produced by our platform have a 100% approval rate by the courts. To see what is new and upcoming see our Innovations In Rechtwijzer page.


The Rechtwijzer Divorce platform was the first to be made available to the Dutch public. In a little over a year we have gained a 5% market share for Dutch divorce, with over 2,000 people using our platform. It costs a couple on average 400€ to go through the entire divorce process with Rechtwijzer, compared to traditional costs of upwards of 3000€.

For a step-by-step walkthrough of the Rechtwijzer divorce platform, please view this video.


Our debt platform is one of our earliest offerings to the Dutch market, and comprises a guided pathway with tailored helpful information, produced in a handy PDF for the user. There are four stages with the first one being a Q&A on the user's debt. This is followed by a summary of the user’s situation. Then some general information is provided so that the user can have an understanding of the options he/she may have. The final stage is the step by step action plan that can be done by the user or in some cases can be provided with assistance through different channels.


To avoid a breakdown in the relationship between landlord and tenant, we have created a simple platform that both parties can work on with only 5 simple steps, as objectively as possible to find a way to resolve the problem through communication. There is a section in the platform that gives all the rights of the tenant and of the landlord in general. At the end of the process both parties need to agree on a rental plan and there is usually a review, but not always.

The platform has been online since the 25th of July 2016 as a beta testing platform and as a result of its innovative design is being offered by large legal expenses insurers direct to their clients.

Rechtwijzer in the Media

The platforms have been introduced to the Dutch population in a variety of ways through national and international media.


This article explains the step by step process, but also provides information on how Rechtwijzer in many ways gives the user control over their separation and is more affordable in relation to regular separation procedures.

Het Parool

There are a variety of articles concerning Rechtwijzer in Het Parool, but what is most interesting in this article is the emphasis on the benefits of the platform to Legal Aid recipients.


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