The Legal Services Society, the legal aid provider for British Columbia, worked closely in collaboration with us, to create MyLawBC as free guided pathways for the public of British Columbia, with a focus on those that are in need of legal aid.


MyLawBC is the Rechtwijzer platform of the Legal Service Society of British Columbia and is based on the Dutch Rechtwijzer platforms, with the addition of guided pathways. These pathways are similar to the Debt pathway in the Netherlands and cover: Separation, divorce & family orders, abuse & family violence, missed mortgage payments and wills & personal planning.


With its base in the patented Rechtwijzer method, MyLawBC involves a three step process - Intake, Negotiation and Review. We also include two optional stages of Mediation and Arbitration.

Before users begin, we provide an optional free diagnosis, which is a guided pathway to information and advice to those that are contemplating separation. Then there is the compulsory intake where a number of questions are answered to understand the needs, interests and first thoughts in terms of solutions for both parties so that the negotiation can begin. This is followed by the mandatory dialogue which allows both parties to work together on model solutions step by step towards a completed agreement.

Throughout the stages the two parties have the option to request mediation or adjudication services at the click of a button and actually converse with a legal expert. The final step is the compulsory review that is implemented by a certified legal professional to indicate the fairness of the agreement.

"For a step-by-step walkthrough of the Rechtwijzer divorce platform, please view this video."

We have as our focus the user so algorithms were created to provide 64 tailored model solutions that are customized for each different case. All of the questions that a user comes across on the platform have been carefully designed with the help of mediators, so as to help the user understand the situation and come to the best agreement for both parties.

We are always interested in providing the best experience for our users and that is why we constantly add innovating features to our platforms. To see what is new and what is coming soon see the Innovations In Rechtwijzer.

Separation, Divorce & Family Orders

This section is divided into three different parts; the Separation Plan, the Family Orders and Being Served with a Court Document. All have the Rechtwijzer structure with a number of questions that should be answered and based on the answers the user is redirected to the ODR platform or are provided with tailored information on the particular issue that concerns them.

Abuse & Family Violence

This pathway has a similar Q&A structure that is needed to be completed in order to tailor the valuable factsheet containing contact information and legal actions that can be taken in such a sensitive and personal matter. It is divided, as with the other pathways, into ‘Do Now’, ‘Do Next’, ‘Do Later’ and ‘Get Help’ sections.

Missed Mortgage Payments

This section is identical in nature to the debt platform of Rechtwijzer. Again through the answers a user gives, there is a variety of tailored information provided.

Wills & Personal Planning

This last guided pathway is split into two parts. First there is the option of a will creation, where the participant can create and print a simple will and if more complicated details are necessary then the user will be provided with guidance on where to find help on the particular matter in question.

The second part refers to documentation that is needed if a person can not act for him/herself. This part provides information on what legal, medical and personal care documents are needed for each user and how to obtain these documents.

MyLawBC in the Media

The guided pathways have been introduced to the public of British Columbia through numerous national and international media. Two of the most prominent articles are stated below.

Vancouver Sun

This article provides an introduction to MyLawBC as to what it consists of and how it came to be.


This article analyzes ODR and how it has expanded.It has as its center Rechtwijzer and also talks about MyLawBC.

Every year MyLawBC is one of the contributors in helping over 10,000 people in British Columbia that have family problems, child protection issues and many other matters.

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