Innovations in Online Justice Journeys

The Checklist

The Checklist was introduced because we received feedback that users need to be reminded of what was needed of them in regards to their separation plan for the review process to commence. This list helps users see if they have all the documentation needed for the agreement, if all of the steps have been completed by both parties and in general if everything is in place for the next phase.

Innovations in Online Justice Journeys

The past 10 years the Rechtwijzer platforms have been under a process of constant evolution, adding numerous innovative alterations to the different components of each platform. Our most recent innovations are as follows:

Service Provider Upload

Now all service providers can upload documents, which may have been reviewed or changed for a variety of reasons. This feature has seen a huge improvement in the lives of the lawyers working in the platform by reducing the necessary steps needed to complete their review..

Review Options

This innovation was implemented for users to understand better the reasons why their agreement needs alteration. Previously, the reviewer had only two options, approved or not approved. Now we have expanded this to include approved, upload documents, information missing and adaptation needed.

Future Innovations

From the feedback our users have provided through surveys, there are still a number of innovative features that need to be added in the future. There are five features that will be introduced to the platforms in the immediate future and are stated below.

Flow Guidance

This feature will be introduced in the beginning of the process. It will mainly provide a video on what should be expected by new users and how they can use the platform most efficiently to their benefit. We have completed development of this feature and are rolling it out on our platforms as we speak.


IKV will be implemented after the users provide their personal information and will give the users the opportunity to automatically be informed on whether they are eligible for legal aid. This is currently being built into our Dutch platforms.

Notification Center

Having such a function added to the platform will enable each party to be notified in regards to any alterations made by the other user. Which is helpful in order to react faster to what needs to be agreed on. We have completed the design phase of this project and are currently exploring the best way to code in the features on our platforms.


The chat function that is already available to users will be improved and be more user-friendly. The parties will be able to scroll through their conversations, the send baton and timestamps to each message will be introduced.

Trial Experience

The trial experience will be a bonus to those that are thinking of resolving their disputes through our platforms, but are not 100% sure. It will provide the platform for free for a limited amount of 7 days. This will give users a taste of how they can take control of the steps to their agreement through the platforms.

We strive to make our platforms features as useful to our users as possible and more changes are being thought of through the feedback from users.
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