Guided pathways: an interactive website for diagnosis, triage and dialogue

The Legal Services Society of British Columbia and HiiL established a partnership for MyLawBC, an interactive new online legal resource for British Columbia that will be build on the Rechtwijzer platform.

Guided pathways: an interactive website for diagnosis, triage and dialogue

This innovation will enhance access to justice in BC and give ordinary British Columbians access to a range of new tools to help them resolve their legal problems. 

MyLawBC will feature public legal information, interactive guided pathways to diagnose legal problems and direct users to self-help resources, both online and in person. People experiencing relationship breakdowns can access action plans and online negotiation tools to help each party make a separation agreement that works for the family.

MyLawBC will be based on the interactive Rechtwijzer platform, a public legal resource developed by HiiL in partnership with the Dutch Legal Aid Board. It will include legal information on everyday legal problems and links to key public legal information and education resources. The platform builds on HiiL’s experience with interactive information, best practices for online dispute resolution, and research conducted with users and professionals. The scope of the interactive platform will include family law, family violence, wills/estates and life planning and foreclosure.

Project Details

Contact: Jin Ho Verdonschot 
Project partner:  Legal Services Society of British Columbia

 The Legal Services Society has a development blog for MyLawBc.