Legal Business Innovation Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine

Legal Business Innovation Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine

Legal Business Innovation Conference named LEGAL TECH KYIV 2017 will be held in Kyiv, May 24, 2017. HiiL's local agent in Ukraine, Dmitry Foremnyi, will be moderating the second session dedicated to investment in legal tech. Wilfried De Wever, the head of the Justice Accelerator team, will also be among the speakers at this session.

For the second year in a row, we have been uniting the representatives of legal community and developers of automated solutions for lawyers and their clients.

The sphere of legal business is on the verge of some fundamental changes. Robotic analogues of lawyers are already working for the benefit of international companies whereby replacing hundreds of lawyers. At the same time, there is a little desire, if any, to change and innovate the legal education. We are here to encourage you to think creatively, to think big - every idea matters!

Lawyers who participated in the last year's conference were already able to overcome the first obstacles on the way to the legal consulting of a new level. Many of the participants, having received a charge, continue to develop their own legal tech products successfully.

Trends: What awaits lawyers? It's becoming increasingly possible to replace the work of lawyers with algorithms and applications in almost every aspect of legal practice. Artificial intelligence helps advance the human one. In legal practice, the human factor often stands behind the positive outcome of a situation.

Tasks: How could existing solutions be connected and adapted to the new opportunities? What and how should they be used in the automation of processes in legal practice? You will get answers from Ukrainian and foreign experts in this field.

Prospects: "Figure" is used as a standard for legal services and new business models; preparation and analysis of legal documents with the help of artificial intelligence.

Informal communication: With a cup of coffee during the break, you can chat and ask the speakers questions, as well as get acquainted with the other participants, socialise and take the first step towards new legal tech ideas and projects.

Location: Ukraine, Kyiv, Smolenskaya, st. , b.31-33, Incom Business Center

Official website for registration:

Organizer & co-organizer: OpenLex (Platform for litigation financing) & Business consulting academy

Working languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English

Whether you would like to participate in LEGALTECH KYIV 2017 as a speaker or partner, please call us +38 (044) 337-85-20. Live broadcast will be available online for participants from other cities of Ukraine, CIS countries and Western Europe.