HiiL Highlights September 2015

HiiL Highlights September 2015

New beginnings in technology for justice

The expansion of the Rechtwijzer Divorce Platform is on the horizon. Currently only available to those living in the Netherlands, the platform will expand with a trial version in England, followed by British Columbia a few months later. A version of Rechtwijzer for debts and landlord-tenant problems is also in the first stages of development.

In the meantime, Rechtwijzer’s interface and process flows are improving every day. The number of support tools continues to increase, and our service providers develop more effective online interventions - almost on a daily basis.

To keep up with this high pace of innovation, the Rechtwijzer team continues to grow. Talented new colleagues are joining our team, who in turn collaborate with some of the best software engineers and user experience designers in the field. We recently built the organisational structure behind Rechtwijzer that will bring additional resources and staff on board, which I am honoured to lead.

HiiL Innovating Justice thus fully commits to innovations like Rechtwijzer that can make the difference between a good justice process and a bad one; between a fair procedure that serves your situation and an unfair procedure that leaves you feeling isolated and excluded in the process.

Elon Musk, one of the great innovators of our time and founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors, famously said, “Any product that needs a manual is broken.” This is true for justice processes as well. Our work empowers people to navigate their way through complex legal codes, rules of procedure, and the many manuals that govern the justice system. We continue this work so that people can find their way to justice.

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