HiiL Highlights November 2016

HiiL Highlights: Invitation to the 7th Annual Innovating Justice Forum, Family Justice in Uganda workshop, Divorced from reality

Invitation to the 7th Annual Innovating Justice Forum

On December 2nd HiiL will host its 7th annual Innovating Justice Forum in The Hague. The Forum brings together the whole spectrum of stakeholders interested in globally applicable justice innovations: innovators, investors, the public and private sector, civil society and academia. In addition, the Forum will highlight ten amazing justice innovators selected as winners of the Innovating Justice Awards 2016. Find out more about the program here and register today!

Family Justice in Uganda workshop

HiiL and JLOS held an interactive workshop in Uganda promoting Family Justice. The workshops followed the launch of the ‘Justice Needs & Satisfaction in Uganda’ report earlier this year, which cited family justice as a priority area. Participants for our 2-day workshop included family justice experts, Judges specialized in family law/women’s rights, and representatives from Academia and Civil Society Organizations.

Divorced from reality

CEO Sam Muller explores how the legal sector moves into its future and how to adapt its design machine for legal procedures to make space for innovative procedures. To innovate solutions more is needed than bright ideas: infrastructure and political will are fundamental. When governments do invite innovation great things can happen… Read more

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