HiiL Highlights June 2014

HiiL Highlights June 2014

The deadline to submit your nomination for the 2014 Innovating Justice Awards and C&A Living Wage Innovation Challenge is fast approaching. Still, some of you may be asking yourself why you should submit your innovation to HiiL and the global innovating justice network on innovatingjustice.com.

Here's why: HiiL is a neutral, not-for-profit organisation that provides advisory services related to justice innovation, strategy defining and impact measurement. We believe that we have the expertise and plan to make a difference in this area, together with partners who share our mission. We support top innovations that we believe in and showcase the ones that are well on their way. Our priority is to turn the Innovating Justice Hub into a more effective incubator for all innovators who come on board.

If your innovation is selected for the first round, it will be showcased as a justice innovation deserving of global attention. You will receive feedback and will be assessed as an investment opportunity. You'll also have a chance to participate in the upcoming innovating Justice Boostcamp in The Hague, Netherlands; a great chance to gain access to clients, partners and investors.

Submitting your nomination is easy, just a short summary of 400 words will suffice. You do, however, need to address all of the points in the summary submission form.

So let's get going. The first summary submission deadline is 30 June. Let's innovate!

Wilfried De Wever
Head of Innovating Justice Hub

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