HiiL Highlights February 2015

HiiL Highlights February 2015

Growth and progress are the two words that best summarise 2014. We were able to contribute to concrete justice innovation and help our clients improve and renew what they do. With that, we have helped improve lives which, ultimately, is the essence of our work.

Demand for HiiL services grew and we doubled net revenues for the second time. HiiL’s Measuring Justice team implemented our Justice Needs and Satisfaction tool to the post-conflict environments of Yemen and Mali where we captured unique data about the people’s journeys to justice. One of the gems we collected from that data was the knowledge that, even in such environments, citizens have a high prevalence of consumer related justice problems. This type of data is a strong, evidence-based foundation for improvement strategies in the justice sector.

Our Justice Innovation Lab has been very productive. Together with the Dutch Legal Aid Board and Modria we successfully developed the Rechtwijzer platform as an effective conflict resolution tool. It is now running live in the Netherlands (configured for divorce) and will soon be implemented in Canada. We see the platform being mentioned and characterised on the international fora as a ‘gamechanger’.

Our notable projects include the Justice Leadership Group, which was launched in November with the support of the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs. This group of experienced justice leaders will support senior justice leaders who work on justice change processes. We also worked with leading wildlife conservation organisations on an innovative initiative to deal with wildlife crime, which will be launched later this year.

Finally, a successful Innovating Justice Forum was held at the Peace Palace in November. Nine impressive nominees for the 2014 Innovating Justice Awards came to The Hague for a two-day Boost Camp where five were selected for a scaling-up process. The special challenge on Living Wages that we organised with the C&A Foundation yielded great winners.

This bodes well for 2015. As of this writing, we are working to expand the amount of countries where we conduct Justice Needs and Satisfaction surveys. We also aim to significantly increase the expansion of Rechtwijzer and we are working on two special innovation challenges.

Once on the road to justice innovation, it is hard to stop.

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